Rules for Werewolves

10m 2020


As teens ransack a suburban home for food and clothing, one recounts how he got there and how desperation has changed him.

Rules for Werewolves is a dual narrative investigating a youthful wolf pack of post-recession house squatters. Tanya, a new recruit, guides us through a pack B&E / household takeover; a whirling mass of youth looting their diverse wants and needs into color-coded backpacks. Throughout, we hear Bobert. He's narrating a story from his troubled time before finding (or possibly founding) the werewolves that subtly mirrors and adds context to Tanya's path. His story swirls around the pack, illuminating connections between art and artist, hope, community and loneliness. By the time the cops show up, the kids have disappeared, but the pack have left someone (or something) behind.

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